The products of Bukovina and, implicitly, those of Sadovena have created a reputation over the years both in Romania and abroad. It all starts with pure ingredients from nature. The simpler they are, the tastier the dishes. When it comes to recipes, in Sadova products have their own delicious character and deep-rooted traditions. Sadovans are loyal to their culinary roots and proud of their local traditions.

La Stâna Bucovineană

The story of Stâna Bucovineană began 16 years ago when they invested in the first dairy farm in the area. For 12 years they produced milk as raw material for Dorna Lactate. In 2016, for economic reasons, they decided to switch to processing raw milk into a finished product. In the same year, under the brand "La Stana Bucovineana", they started a partnership. With small but sure steps, relying on quality and perseverance, they have so far managed to make a name for themselves. The brand, La Stâna Bucovineană, is recognized locally, as well as in Iasi, Bucharest and other areas where they have reliable partners for the distribution of products.
📲 Contact – 0765 404 934 | Nr 790, Sadova
Sadova Catering 

Sadova Catering lovingly and tastefully prepares dishes for special events, especially for your arrival in Sadova for the first or tenth time. The authentic taste of traditional recipes is always present in the food that complements the game and good will of the Sadovans. If the craving for doughnuts, poale-n-groats or sarmals overcomes you, Sadova Catering is ready to prepare and deliver any of these delicacies for you to enjoy an authentic and natural taste in no time. 
📲 Contact – 0745 084 397 | Strada Boteni, nr 553, Sadova
Stâna Sadoveană

We won't recommend a restaurant famous for its balmoș but send you straight to the place where this dish originated, at the sheepfold. You'll learn from Vasile Rusu, the most famous chef of this delicacy, how to make a Balmoș à la carte, with an authentic Bucovina taste. At the end, the balmoș cooked by you will be enjoyed in a fairytale landscape. Vasile Rusu te așteaptă să deguști  faimosul și deliciosul balmoș făcut pe loc cu ingrediente din ferma proprie.
📲 Contact – 0726 332 220 |  Sadova

Carmangeria Ungureanu

Meat products from Bucovina represent the traditional, authentic and unmistakable taste of quality sausages whose flavour is never forgotten. The Ungureanu butcher's is one of the producers of these dishes that are much "hunted" by gourmets who live up to the highest standards. It belongs to the market of small producers highly appreciated in the Sadova area and offers a culinary experience that satisfies even the most demanding tastes.

📲 Contact – 0723 364 907 | Latiseni Street 85, Sadova

Dalius Market

Natural, healthy and tasty, that's the only way the fruits of Sadova can be. Dalius Market grows and offers for sale tomatoes and cucumbers whose flavors will remind you of those from your grandmother's garden. 

📲 Contact – 0742 212 158 | Sadova