Explore Sadova

In Sadova, you will always find something to do, to taste, to see.

It is said that whoever comes to Bucovina once is sure to return a second time! Beyond the natural beauties that can be found in this corner of the country, one of the reasons you will want to visit Sadova again is the traditional food. A hospitable people, the Bukovinians welcome their guests with a full table, and the food is prepared with the local ingredients, with cheese, mushrooms or berries often being the stars of the plate.

Sadova is a picturesque little settlement surrounded by farmsteads. It's a good place from where you can set off on mountain hikes, forest walks and other Bucovina destinations with unmissable tourist attractions. 

The recipes of Bucovina dishes are well preserved in each family and are passed on to the descendants with great care. Cheese, fish and meat dishes are just a few things that should not be missing from your list. Another Bucovina speciality you should not miss is balmoș. The real one, that is the tastiest and most authentic, is made by the shepherds at the sheepfold, but it can also be made in your own kitchen. At the shepherd's hut, balmoș is prepared in the cauldron placed on the spikes.

Bucovina is a real revelation for active tourists who enjoy outdoor activities and relaxation. It is a paradise for those who consider the mountain and its surroundings a soul friend, eager to entertain all those fascinated by adventure. You will discover the beauty of unspoiled nature, with mountain biking, running, or hiking trails, whatever season you decide to visit. In Sadova, the landscapes are overwhelming!

We cannot talk about the traditions, customs and handicrafts of Bukovina without mentioning the place where this spectacle of the Romanian peasant's life takes place, namely the village. Regardless of the season, Sadova awaits you with a real royalty of songs, carols, folk dances and costumes, festivals or various household chores.