• Local Gastronomy

    Authentic taste of Bucovina

  • Local Gastronomy

The traditional charm of Sadova is still present not only for the sake of tourism, but because people still work the land as they used to, raise animals, use wooden barns for hay, live in peasant cottages, and the alleys have been preserved as in the days of the grandparents: dusty, with the smell of raw grass and fresh air, only good to take a walk.

We all know that Bucovina is the best and healthiest place to eat. Most villagers still work the land and raise animals for their daily food. Rich harvests are seen as gifts from God. The most popular foods in Sadova are potatoes, cornmeal, milk, pork dishes and pickles. Once these products are in the hands of the housewives, delicious recipes are born, carefully preserved from their ancestors.

If you come to Bucovina at Christmas, don't forget to try some of the dishes for which we are famous: sausages in a sour cream nest, pork sausages with red beetroot and horseradish salad, trout in pine wax, chicken soup with homemade noodles, vegetable stews with chicken or beef and pork stew, to which bacon and a glass of brandy are added. Dishes made with forest mushrooms (hribi, opintici) are also a must. For dessert, the most famous is the "cozonacul", followed by "poale-n brâu" pies, pancakes or "papanașii" with cheese.

In terms of drinks, the hosts can boast a wide range of alcoholic aperitifs made from fruit: cherry, cherry, cherry, horn, raspberry. The traditional drink is double-distilled liqueur or pălinca. Another popular drink is homemade beer, which housewives make from hops and corn grains.

The Sadovans pride themselves on healthy, tasty, Romanian products, which are proof of their home cooking spirit. From authentic curd to traditional meat and fish dishes, balmoș and other goodies that are right at home, the secrets of traditional Bukovina cuisine remain well-kept here. 

Bucovina's spirituality and hospitality are reflected even in the traditional dishes. It's absolutely impossible to resist the goodness here. Everything is prepared with soul, everything is enticing. But words are superfluous, so we expect you to visit the restaurants in the area. 

The recipes of Bucovina dishes are well preserved in each family and are passed on to the descendants with great care. Cheese, fish and meat dishes are just a few things that should not be missing from your list. Another Bucovina speciality you should not miss is balmoș. The real one, that is the tastiest and most authentic, is made by the shepherds at the sheepfold, but it can also be made in your own kitchen. At the shepherd's hut, balmoș is prepared in the cauldron placed on the spikes.