• Festivals in Sadova

  • Festivals in Sadova

Life in Bukovina is marked by a series of events, celebrations and festivals that take place annually. These old traditions are well preserved in Sadova. There are many occasions for celebration; first of all, there are the religious holidays, Christmas, Easter and the feasts of important saints; then there are numerous ethno-folkloric festivals, usually linked to cyclical agrarian rituals; to these can be added numerous other cultural events and fairs.

Day of Sadova

Sadova Day has already become a tradition. During the event, participants can enjoy an extraordinary folklore show, fun and good cheer. Occasionally, the festival starts with the celebration of families who have become role models and landmarks of the local community.

Maria Surpat Folk Song Festival - Mina Pâslaru

Another cultural event not to be missed in Sadova is the "Maria Surpat - Mina Pâslaru" Inter-County Folk Song Festival-Contest, which aims to preserve traditional culture.

The Housekeepers' Ball

Probably one of the liveliest events you can attend if you visit Bucovina is the ''Ball of the Housekeepers''. The event, attended by several hundred guests dressed in folk costumes, is held annually with the aim of preserving and transmitting to the younger generations, according to the ancient custom, the traditional folk songs and games, the ancestral language, traditions and culture of Bucovina.