It is worth mentioning that Bucovina is one of the most beautiful regions in Romania and worth visiting. Sadova is the village with beautiful people who could reach your heart. Before stepping into this fairytale place, there are a few things that might interest you.

When is the best season to visit Sadova? 

It depends on what you want to do: for snow and winter activities, December to March is best. To enjoy the tender caress of the sun and the fresh scent of spring, we recommend visiting us in April - May. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities, festivals and outdoor events, choose to visit us between June and September. For photographers and romantics we recommend October - November.

How much do temperatures drop in winter?

The northern air brings snow, frost and blizzards in winter. Although the temperature always varies depending on the year (whether it's a wetter or drier year) and the time of year, winter sometimes starts mild in Sadova, but minimum temperatures in the area have dropped as low as -20 degrees Celsius. But even frosts have their charms, especially on a sunny winter's day that illuminates all the snow-covered vegetation.

What is the right clothing?

Being a mountainous area, even summer days can sometimes be cool in Sadova. As a rule, there are significant differences in temperatures between day and evening, so it's always good to be prepared for cool weather, even in summer. 

In winter, temperatures can reach as low as -20 degrees Celsius, so it's important to dress appropriately for walks around the area. You definitely want to enjoy the cool, crisp air, which is why you should pack a very warm jacket, furry or cold weather footwear and warm underwear.

How welcoming are the sadovians?

Bucovina hospitality has long become a standard, and Sadova offers a warm welcome that makes you feel at home. People you'll meet here are cheerful and welcoming, the food and drinks traditional and of the highest quality, you'll find it hard not to return after your first visit. 


  • By car: It's best to have a car, so you can get quickly and comfortably to Sadova and then from Sadova to the places you want to visit. This is in case you want to go to other places as well. But you can enjoy this quiet settlement which can be pleasantly walked or cycled through.
  • By public transport: If you don't have a car, you can get to Sadova by train, at the Câmpulung Moldovenesc station, or by local buses from other towns.
  • Distances: from Vatra Dornei - 45 kilometers; from Suceava - 80 kilometers; from Piatra Neamt - 150 kilometers.
tocanita de hribi Sadova Bucovina

Local Gastronomy

Bucovina is without doubt a place where traditional dishes are at home. From a fairy-tale area, full of history and unique landscapes, the traditional culinary preparations, which today form the cultural heritage of the bucovinians, could not be missing. Among the best known are the soups, ham, chișca, cighir, jar-baked sirloin, Bohemian sausages, ribs and the delicious cakes prepared for the holidays. All of them bear the spirituality of Bucovina.


If you are looking for a unique holiday with dreamy landscapes, Sadova offers you places of accommodation where you'll definitely feel at home. From the traditional experience to the hospitality of the sadovians, here you will surely find the comfort and peace you desire in this corner of the Bucovina heaven.

Medical facilities

The nearest medical facilities you can access in Sadova are the Câmpulung Moldovenesc Municipal Hospital, the Vatra Dornei Municipal Hospital, and about 80 km away is the Sfântul Ioan cel Nou Emergency County Hospital in Suceava.