• 6 reasons to love Sadova

  • 6 reasons to love Sadova

There are so many reasons to love Sadova, it's not easy to narrow it down to six. Let's face it: Sadova is one of the most beautiful and welcoming villages in Bucovina, where vast experiences await you at every turn. So remember that this list of reasons to love Sadova is just a small part - there's much more to discover.

 1. The freedom provided by nature

 In Sadova you are free to wander through nature wherever you see. The forest offers you mushrooms, fruit, fresh air, the sound and taste of a carefully preserved region. Here you are welcome to feel a sincere and beneficial freedom for body and soul.

2. Fresh air

The forests, Sadova's natural filter, make the air in this area clean and strong. Mountain air is good for your health, it refreshes you and gives you a small part of the Sadova people's wellness ritual.

tochitura bucovineana Sadova

3. Traditional food

Choice dishes that would satisfy even the most discerning palate. Sadova is the place where Bucovina food is at home, the inhabitants of the commune still cooking recipes handed down from their ancestors. Anyone who has tasted the traditional dishes of Bucovina, fell in love with them instantly.

4. People

Like the lands where they have lived for as long as they can remember, the sadovians are beautiful people. Hospitable, ready to welcome you, to talk to you, to offer you food or even shelter, the inhabitants of the village are what complete the natural landscape that surrounds the village. Your adventure in Sadova will certainly be marked by the people you meet, dine, laugh and tell stories.

5. The oldest trees in the country

"The village elders", the elms of Sadova, are about 500 years old. The large, deep gullies betray their old age, but the re-growing, evergreen crown rejuvenates and integrates them into the natural landscape of the commune. You'll be surprised by the imperfect beauty of these trees.

6. Lakes over 400 years old

Another element that completes the landscape of Sadova for about 500 years is the Iezer and Bolătău lakes. These lakes formed by landslides are ready to be discovered by all those who appreciate the beauty of nature mirrored in the water. Iezer Lake will welcome you warmly and confidently, like any self-respecting sadovian, and Lake Bolătău will wait for you shyly, hidden in the heart of the forest.

If Sadova wasn't on your travel bucket list until now, we hope the above reasons have made you consider paying us a visit.