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  • casa muzeu Sadova Bucovina

We invite you to enter the rural world of yesteryear, a world preserved with great care. A true gateway to time, the museum house is waiting to be crossed by new generations for whom the Bucovina village is perhaps still an unknown space. Time has stood still, and tradition continues to live on inside the small museum, the two rooms concealing small parts of the history and culture of Sadova.

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Daniela Crăciunaș: 0744 390 365

  • Traditional dances

  • Traditional dances

Dance brings people together and is one of the most impressive forms of non-verbal communication. Part of the culture of Bukovina, traditional dances are intangible forms of the history and culture of these lands. Ruseasca, Bătrâneasca, Coasa, Ilenuța, Hora Mare, Arcanul, Trilișești, Rața, Huțulca are dances through which the Sadovans celebrate pure happiness.

An important part of the tradition is thus perpetuated, through play and good cheer, to younger generations and becomes known to neighbouring peoples. If you want a truly unique experience you can attend an authentic dance demonstration by the Ensemble of “Flori de Bucovina” or even take dancing lessons from one of the keepers of the village traditions, Lică Latiș. Learn the rhythmic game of the ancestors! 

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Lică Latiș: 0749 325 806



Eggs Decoration, one of the most common crafts in Bucovina, is practiced especially during Lent. The technique of decorating is varied and differs from one area to another. The eggs are worked hot, by drying the egg wash quickly with a brush and pen. Natural colours are also used, obtained by extracting them from plants or parts of plants (leaves, flowers, bark, roots). 

Eggs are usually laid in three to four colours, usually with the symbol of each colour in mind: red (sun, fire, love), black (eternity, stability, absolutism), yellow (light, richness of crops, youth, hospitality), green (force of nature, fruitfulness, hope, freshness), blue (health, heavenly serenity), purple (self-control, patience, trust, justice). The chromatic palette of boiled eggs distinguishes the main areas where this craft is practised. 

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 Lucica Zbranca: 0749 699 635

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Daniela Coca: 0755 789 875