• The legend of Iezer Lake

    Lacul Iezer Sadova

The lake, first mentioned in 1594, veils a legend. The origin of this legend is unknown because it has existed for ages, and time has passed over it just as it has over the mysterious lake.

It is said that on the bottom of the lake is a hidden treasure so valuable that it would take five generations for the family of the one who finds it to spend it all.

The Tatars are responsible for the mystery in the lake, who have hidden countless jewels, gold bars, and thousands of silver coins there. The treasure that dwells in the depths of the lake is guarded by vipers and giant trout roaming the water.

These unusual guards can take humanoid forms and come ashore to fool passersby and turn them into treasure protectors.

if you resist the calls of the depths, they become scared because you are stronger than them and they will be willing to fulfill seven wishes. If you are foolish and wish for the treasure from the lake, your wish will remain unfulfilled and you will be condemned to poverty for years.

The existence of the treasure is supported by an unusual phenomenon. A yellow-like flame, which does not actually burn or heat, can be seen in the lake, but only around important days, such as Christmas, Easter, or Midsummer.